Do You Feel Like Your Yard Is Under Attack? 4 Reasons Why Weeds Keep Coming Back

Weed control is one of those challenges that can feel like a never-ending battle. After spending an entire day yanking weeds out by the roots or spraying your lawn, the frustration of seeing new weeds sprout in the coming weeks is nearly enough to make you want to go grass-free. While the bad news is that you are likely doing something wrong, the good news is that most weed control issues are easily resolved by addressing these four common reasons for seeing new sprouts.

1. You Got the Timing Wrong

Weed spraying should be done with an understanding of where the plants are in their life cycle. Pre-emergent sprays are meant to get those little plants before the seeds have a chance to sprout, and post-emergent sprays are designed for once they've broken ground. If you've been trying to do this yourself, then it is likely that you have used the wrong type for your purpose. Keep in mind that the pre-emergent spray should be done at the right time of the year as well since killing off seeds before their season starts is the best way to end the issue once and for all.

2. You Left Roots Behind

Natural control methods are sometimes effective if you only have one or two weeds to eliminate. However, hand-pulling weeds does have a downside. If you don't completely remove the root, then the plant will grow back. So, not only is pulling the weeds by hand time-consuming, but it can also end up being completely ineffective.

3. You Keep Cross-Contaminating

Pulling weeds can also scatter their tiny seeds as you shake and disrupt the plant. This means that you could drop several new seeds where you once only had one weed to worry about. Cross-contamination can also occur when you plant new grass seed or put down a new layer of soil. Always check the labels of the products that you use to make sure that they have been tested to make sure that they are weed seed-free.

4. You Have Wildlife Around Your Property

You might not think about it, but squirrels, mice, and birds can all drop weed seeds as they visit your property. Similar to how the seeds can hitch a ride on your shoes, they can also get stuck in fur and feathers where they get deposited as the animals move. In addition to weed spraying services, you may need to use pest control methods to keep critters from scattering seeds that later grow into weeds.

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