3 Of The Most Effective Ways To Help Get Rid Of Cockroaches Before Calling Pest Control

According to Pest World, 63 percent of homes in this country contain cockroaches and their particles, so if you have these bugs hanging out in your home, there is no reason to be ashamed. Plus, getting rid of cockroaches is a doable thing, even though it can be a process that will involve working with a pest control company. There are some things you can do on your own before calling the pest control company that can help. Here is a list of the most effective ways to get a jumpstart on cockroach eradication. 

Place glue traps in highly populated areas. 

Glue traps are inexpensive, can be found at pretty much any retail or home improvement store, and are actually pretty effective. You simply place these traps in areas where you see cockroaches the most and wait for the magic to happen. These things are super sticky, so when the buggers walk across the adhesive, they get stuck on it and can't break free. It is best to replace these traps every few days if you are catching a lot of bugs because the surface area of the adhesive will be taken up. 

Clean, clean, and clean some more. 

Never underestimate the power of a good, deep-cleaning when you have a cockroach problem. Even though any home can have cockroaches regardless of how clean it is, a clean home has fewer places for the bugs to hide and fewer things for the bugs to eat. Before your visit from the pest control agent, do yourself and the agent a favor and do some thorough cleaning. Get rid of clutter as much as possible, make sure trash is promptly removed from your property, and clean areas where roaches frequently hang out. All this will make it easier for the agent to effectively treat the property. 

Use cockroach baits to attract bugs to certain areas. 

Cockroach bat stations, which are often referred to by their slang name of roach motels, can be an effective way to attract cockroaches to certain areas. They can also work to eradicate some of the bugs. These bait stations have a small amount of insecticide product inside, so when the roaches eat the bait, they usually die soon after. In addition to this effective eradicating action, the baits attract bugs to certain points in the house so they are easier to track down or catch on a glue board. 

For more information, contact pest control services in your area.

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