When Mice Invade: Signs You Need Mice Removal Services In Your Home

While a mouse or two doesn't mean you have a mouse invasion in your home, there are signs that can indicate a big problem with the small creatures. Even if you have a cat, mice can get into your home and refuse to leave until you hire a pest control service. You can try putting out traps yourself, but finding the source of entry is usually necessary. Mice are small, but that doesn't mean they don't leave tell-tale signs that you are being invaded. From small pellets on the floor to little bits of fur left on your bathroom counter, mice leave a mess if you know what you are searching for. 

Smells Are Coming From Your Walls

If you notice a strange odor coming from a room and you can't identify the source, this could be from mice within your walls. When a mouse dies in your wall, the smell can be very strong. The smell will last a few weeks, and then eventually goes away. If you have a mouse infestation, you'll smell a new one soon as they get trapped in the walls of your home. When your home has a distinct odor of rotting mice, it's time to call for help.

Fur or Little Animal Droppings

Mice will drop tiny bits of fur or mice droppings as they scurry across your counters. They like to find food crumbs on your kitchen floor but will look through cupboards, eat out of your pet's food dish, and find scraps anywhere people in your home have eaten. Mice are also attracted by water. If you have even the slightest leak in one of your pipes, the mice will find it. You can find signs of mice just about anywhere in your home, but they are more commonly in bathrooms and in kitchen cupboards or on counters.

When You Have Tried Your Own Methods

While you might try some traps around your home or block an area where you think mice are coming in, mice removal services are often needed because the mice reproduce quickly. An adult female can give birth up to ten times a year with an average of 6-8 babies each time. When mice are not removed from your home, they have the ability to infest your home fast.

If you notice signs that mice are taking over your home, it's time to call for help. Mice removal services protect your property and allow you to live free from a mouse infestation.

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