5 Tips to Keep Your Lawn in Good Shape

It's best not to underestimate the importance of a beautiful and healthy lawn. If your lawn is well-taken care of, it can improve the look of your home and even increase your property value. Maintaining a good-looking lawn will definitely take some extra work on your part, but it is worth the effort. Here are five helpful tips to keep your lawn in good shape.

Do Not Mow the Grass Too Short

Many homeowners make the mistake of mowing their grass too short. Doing this can damage your lawn and make it more susceptible to weed growth. GreenView Fertilizer recommends keeping your grass height between 2 1/2 to 3 inches. Aim to cut your grass twice a week in the middle of the spring.

Remember to Fertilize 

If you want to keep your lawn as healthy as possible, using fertilizer is a must. Fertilizer will give your grass the nutrients it needs to grow thick and healthy. Once you have fertilized your lawn, you'll probably notice how it grows much faster. Using fertilizer will also minimize weed growth on your lawn. If you'd rather not do the task yourself, consider hiring a local lawn fertilizing company, such as Collins Lawn/Insect Control.

Provide Your Lawn With Adequate Water

If your lawn does not receive the water it needs, it will eventually dry out and die. According to Green Grass, your grass requires at least 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water a week. Don't forget to water your lawn two to three times a week; it's best to do so in the early morning.

Maintain Your Lawn Mower

It is also very important to keep your mower in top shape. If the lawn mower is worn or dirty, it will not cut your grass as well. Make sure the engine cover is not filled with grass and other debris and remember to replace worn out spark plugs.

Train Your Dog to Use the Bathroom in One Spot in the Yard

Dog urine can result in yellow and dead spots on your lawn. To prevent your entire lawn from getting damaged, train your dog to do his or her business in just one area of the lawn. Put gravel in the area you want your dog to use the bathroom and encourage him or her to go there. Give your canine friend treats to reinforce the good behavior.

Keeping your lawn in terrific shape does not have to be a difficult task. If you follow these helpful tips, you can maintain a beautiful lawn and make your neighbors green with envy. 

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