The Do's And Don'ts Of Handling A Bed Bug Situation In Your Apartment Complex

As a property owner, one of the worst things you can hear is that you have bed bugs. When you own a group of residences, such as an apartment building, finding out that even one unit has a bed bug problem can be an all-out nightmare. Bed bugs can and will travel in search of food, which means that even if you have a problem in only one unit of a complex, the problem could quickly spread to the rest of the building. If one of your tenants informs you of a bed bug problem as an owner of an apartment complex, there are a few do's and don'ts that you must keep in mind. 

Do inform every tenant in the building that there has been a bed bug occurrence. 

Keeping everyone informed about a bed bug problem will be your best bet as a property owner. Not only is it your duty as the landlord to ensure that all tenants are aware of a bed bug situation, but in some states, you may be held liable for damages legally if you do not inform your tenants. 

Don't hesitate to let everyone know that you have contacted pest control. 

Before you go knocking on apartment doors or sending out flyers, get a pest control agent on board. It is a lot easier to tell a building full of tenants about a bed bug problem when you know you already have a solution in place. 

Do expect that some tenants may move. 

Bed bugs are a scary situation, and no one wants to deal with these pests if they don't have to. Therefore, don't be surprised if you have some tenants willing to break a lease once they find out there is a bed bug issue in the building. As a property owner, you should be understanding of this reaction and work with your tenants fairly by being a bit more lenient with the terms of the lease. 

Don't allow a tenant to place disposed furnishings near the building. 

If one of your tenants decides to get rid of a bed bug infested piece of furniture, whether it is a mattress, sofa, or otherwise, make sure they know that they must dispose of the piece away from the building. Hauling infested furniture outside will only contribute to the spread of the problem. If several tenants are throwing things out, arrange for a commercial dumpster or waste management company to swing by and pick up items right away. 

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