Have A Problem With Fire Ants? 3 Quick Ways To Eliminate The Itch

Have you noticed fresh mounds of dirt popping up around your yard? If you have, you might be in the middle of a fire ant infestation. Fire ants like to keep to themselves by tunneling underground. Unfortunately, once the nest mound is disturbed, the ants will come out by the hundreds. If you're nearby when that happens, you're going to be stung.

Because fire ants live primarily underground, it can be difficult to control them by yourself, which means you're going to need a professional exterminator. However, you're also going to need to know how to battle the sting if you're bitten before the exterminator can get out to your home. Here are three simple ways to fight the bite.

Soak it in Borax

When fire ants bite, they inject a natural acid into your skin that can cause itching, redness and inflammation. Soaking the area in borax will help reduce the pain and swelling. Pour 1 cup of borax in a tub of warm water. Soak in the tub for 10 minutes, or until your skin is soothed.

Juice it up

If you have fresh lemons, you can use the juice to alleviate the painful itch of an ant bite. The citric acid in lemons will neutralize the acid found in ant bites. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice on to the bite.

Take the Ammonia and Peroxide Approach

When you combine ammonia and peroxide, they work together to reduce the pain and itching associated with ant bites. Here are two simple ways to use the two together.


For this treatment, you'll need two clean wash cloths, ammonia, and peroxide. Soak your wash cloths in warm water. Pour ammonia on one of the wash cloths and peroxide on the other one. Wring them both out well. Place the ammonia cloth on the bites and leave it there for about five minutes. Now, switch to the peroxide cloth. Continue alternating cloths until the itching subsides.

Spray Application

For this treatment, you'll need two spray bottles. Fill both bottles with warm water. Place ¾ cup of ammonia in one bottle and ¾ cup of peroxide in the other one. Spray each bite with the ammonia solution and let it air dry. Next, spray the bites with the peroxide. Repeat the process several times

Don't mess with fire ants. If you've found fire ants in your yard, contact an exterminator like Aardvark Pest Control or others as soon as possible. If you or someone in your family has been bitten by the ants, use the methods described above to alleviate the painful itch.

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