Feral Cats Can Help With Mice Problems

If you have a problem with mice around your property, you want to do everything you can to contain the problem. Mice are avid breeders, and ignoring a small problem can very quickly turn into a serious infestation. Mice traps leave you needing to check on each of them regularly to dispose of the bodies. Poisons can pose a risk to your other pets and children. Therefore, getting a mouser cat may be your best option, and this article will provide you with tips on getting and using a successful mouser.

Consider a feral cat

If you want an independent mouser that's ready to go, then you may want to consider a feral cat. Feral cats are used to hunting since they depend on it for survival. A tamer cat will be more dependent on you for food, and may not be as good at getting rid of as many mice as a feral cat.

Many people don't appreciate having feral cats on their property. Therefore, they would be open to allowing you to come trap one of theirs. Once it is trapped, you should take it down to have it spayed or neutered and to get its shots before you even take it to your property. You can trap it by putting some cat food in a cat trap and waiting.

A feral cat isn't a pet; it's a cat that's had very little contact with humans, and you won't be able to pet it or even get very close to it. There are a few steps you want to take to ensure the cat stays on your property.

A feral cat will be a more successful mouser around a large property than a pet will.  A pet can be great for catching mice in the house, but when they are all around your property, you need a cat that's used to hunting for its meals, and this is a job for a feral cat.

Get the cat used to your property

You should release the feral cat in a garage or barn with some food and water and a few warm places to get comfortable. Leave it in there for a few days to get it used to being on your property. Once you let it out you should continue to set out food and water. A feral cat will continue to hunt even if it has access to food, but this ensures it remains healthy.

Give the cat space

It's okay for you to want to see if you can form a bond with the cat, but be prepared for this to never end up happening. The cat will likely stay near the house as long as it has access to food, water, and shelter. However, crowding it and making it feel nervous can chase it away.

A feral cat may be seen as a nuisance to some, but others see a feral cat as a great way to keep the rodent population down in a fairly maintenance-free way. If you continue to have problems, you should call a pest control company such as Boris Pest Control for more help.

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