Four Ways To Keep Insects And Other Pests Out Of Your Retail Store

When you are running a retail business, you have a lot of responsibilities to take care of on a daily basis. You may not think about insects and other pests getting into your shop; however, by taking steps to avoid them, you can avoid the tough job of getting them out of the building once they arrive. Here are some ways you can deter pests when you have a retail shop.

Keep the Break Room Tidy

One of the most attractive places for pests in your store is the room where your employees take their breaks, because there is usually food and trash in there. You may leave cleanup to the employees, but it is important for you to monitor the cleanliness of the room so that pests are not attracted to the space. You might even put a cleaning schedule in place to ensure that trash is removed and tables and countertops are wiped clean each day.

Be Careful with Vegetation

You might like to add a little beauty to the front of your retail shop with beautiful flowers and bushes, but think twice before planting. Many bushes and flowers are sources of food for insects and a place to nest and hide for some small rodents. To deter pests from camping out near your retail shop, make sure that any bushes are not put too close to your shop. You might consider planting lavender, peppermint, basil and other bushes that repel pests.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Water that is allowed to collect over time can serve as a breeding ground for gnats and other flying insects. Take the time to inspect the gutters on your retail shop roof to make sure that they are firmly attached and that water is draining properly. Make sure that plants in and outside of your shop are not over-watered, which can cause pooling and attract insect. Use paper towels to sop up puddles near sinks in the bathrooms and break rooms.

Get Your Employees to Help

You don't have to deter pests on your own. Getting the help of employees can help you get the job done. Ask them to alert you to any signs of insects and pests right away, and make sure they are vigilant about cleaning not only the break room but any public spaces.

Now that you have some idea of how you can keep pests away from the site of your retail shop, use the tips in this article to help. Consult a pest control company for more suggestions.

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