Spider Removal For Scared Homeowners

If you are petrified of spiders and you have seen them crawling past or trying to hide in a far corner, you will most likely want to do whatever possible to eliminate them from your home completely. People who have a fear of spiders will have a lot of difficulty picking them up in a paper towel or stepping on them when one scoots past. Here are some spider elimination methods that do not require close contact.

Deep Clean Your Home

Cleaning your home will help keep spiders from hanging around in dusty corners or underneath untouched counter tops. Dirtier areas tend to attract bugs, which in turn attract spiders looking for a meal. Eliminate the dirt and spiders will be less apt to stick around. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment with a long extension to reach cobwebbed corners. Wipe down all surfaces and make it a point to keep food covered or in the refrigerator to help decrease the chance of insects sticking around.

Fill In All Voids

Walk around the perimeter of your home and evaluate the condition of your exterior walls, windows, and doors. Anywhere there is a crack present, a spider may crawl inside. Put on a pair of gloves and use a caulk gun to fill in these areas so these eight-legged creatures stay on the outside of your home. Place a door sweep along the bottom of each door and use weather-stripping to fill in crevices around windows. Cover openings like your drier vent with mesh and place expandable foam around areas where pipes come through walls.

Try Glue Board Traps

Glue boards are small traps that can be placed around the home to help kill spiders trapped inside after you have blocked entryways. Place them under sinks, in corners, and in your garage or attic. When a spider walks across, it will get stuck in the glue and perish. You can use a grabbing tool to pick up the traps and dispose of them in your household trash. They are non-toxic to humans and pets, making them a great choice for households with either.

Tend To The Outdoors

Have a landscaping service come to your home to cut back trees, trim bushes, and move any wood piles to an area further away from your home. Use a pesticide or have a pest control service to come to your home to spray one around the exterior of your home. This will keep spiders from getting too close, helping to eliminate them altogether from the inside. Click here for more information on pest control.

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