Want To Stop That Bzzzz: How To Deal With All Those Bees

If you have bees in your yard, you need to be careful how you deal with them. Even though you may be scared of them stinging you, you should understand that they pollinate many types of fruits and vegetables, and provide 90% of our global food supply. Before you kill them, there are ways to get rid of them without harming them. If not, you should have them killed.

The Beehive

If you have bees, then there is likely a bee hive close to your home. You can contact both a beekeeper and a pest exterminate to deal with it. A beekeeper can try to safely move the bee hive to another area to take them out of your yard, but also keep them safe. You should not try to do this yourself if you are not experienced. The beekeeper will wear a bee suit covering their body and face so they will not get stung. They will gently remove the hive and the combs, and then place the hive in a special container. If the beekeeper is not able to remove the hive and therefore cannot transport the bees safely, they will use a type of suction device to suction them out of the hive to kill them.

Swarm Cluster

You may not have a beehive but instead a swarm cluster. This simply means a cluster of bees all together when they are not flying. To remove the cluster, the beekeeper will try to brush or shake them into a cardboard box, and then carry them away. The beekeeper will be prepared, as some bees will get mad, and swarm out to sting them.

Pest Control Company

While the beekeeper is removing the hive or swarm cluster, some bees will likely escape. Some of them may have been away from the swarm cluster or hive out foraging for the night. Hire a pest control company like ASAP Bee Removal to come to your home. They have a special insecticide that has been made especially to remove bees. You will likely not find a bee insecticide on the market as strong as the pest control company uses.

You may have bees in your home, and if so there could be a beehive in the walls or in your attic. A pest control company can determine where it is located so they can remove it, and kill the bees.

Make sure you take time to identify the bees, as some bees look like wasps, which is an entirely different problem.

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