2 Ways To Provide Natural And Effective Ant Control In Your Yard Without Harming Your Dogs

As a responsible dog-owner, creating a healthy environment for your beloved canine is obviously crucial, both in and out of your home. Unfortunately, when ants move into your yard, providing a safe yard can become a bit more challenging. The good news is that there are safe, natural ways to eliminate the ants from your yard and prevent them from returning, without the use of harmful materials that could make your dog sick.

#1-Use Boiling Water To Destroy The Nest And Hills

While poisons will kill ants because they eat it and die, or share it with the other ants and they all die, boiling water does the same thing by attacking them, literally, where they live. It is best to boil several gallons of water and choose a hot sunny day for the task, since the ants are likely to be easily accessible within the hill. Pour the hot water over the piles, starting in the middle and working your way out.

This will drown the majority of the ants very quickly. Any surviving ones will begin to rebuild, so it is best to repeat the process for several days, until the ants are completely gone.

#2-Use Food To Destroy Or Repel The Ants

It is important to note that just as ants are drawn to the food around homes and parks, they can also be repelled by certain food items. For example, a cinnamon stick is known to repel ants, and if Fido finds it before the ants do, it is a safe snack for him as well. 

Once you have remedied the problem that attracted ants, like left-out food or a spilled garbage can, you can place a cinnamon stick in the area to prevent them from returning. You can also use dried peppermint leaves and lemon juice in a similar manner, as they are similarly safe for dogs.

In conclusion, effective ant control is always important, but it becomes even more so when you have a dog that spends time in the same yard that the unwanted, stinging pests are building a colony in. Since many chemically-based ant poisons are not safe for dogs, it is a good idea to use the previously mentioned tips to make your yard a happy and healthy area for your dog and to permanently evict the unwelcome creatures. If you still have an issue with ants after using the above measures, it is time to speak with an ant control specialist to see about taking more aggressive action to protect your yard and dog. Contact a company like Desert Pest Control for more information.

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