Four Tips To Help You Deal With Invasive Insects Killing Your Trees

There are many different things that can affect the health of trees. Sometimes, it can be natural causes like storm damage and age. Insects can also harm a tree and invasive species can be hard to deal with. Many invasive insects do not have natural predators, so they are free to attack and kill your trees. There may be little you can do about these problems, but you can try some of these ideas to save your tree from certain death:

1. Treating Your Property With Pesticides To Remove Insects

When you have a problem with invasive insects, you may want to do many different things. One of the first things that you can have done is a pest control treatment for your property. You can have your property sprayed for insects and traps set to try to get the problem under control, as well as to help get the infestation under control.

2. Tree Injection Treatments To Deal With Specific Problems

For treating isolated problems, tree injection treatments can be used. This is a method of treating an area of a tree that has a severe problem. The tree is treated in these areas to prevent the insects from spreading. When you have this done, other treatments will be needed to prevent the insects from moving to new areas.

3. Preventative Treatments To Keep Insects Away From Healthy Trees

There are also treatments that can be done for healthy trees to control insect problems. The base of the tree can be treated with pesticides to keep insects away from trees that have not been affected yet. This is a good idea if you have many infected trees and others that are still healthy and affected.

4. Removal And Disposal Of Infected Trees To Prevent Spreading Of Insects

In some severe cases, trees may need to be removed to get the problem under control. This can include removal and disposal of the tree debris. In some areas, there are quarantines on certain tree species, so you may have to burn debris to get rid of the insects and you may have to deal with large waste yourself.

These are some of the things that you may want to try to save your trees from certain death when invasive insects strike. If you believe you have an insect problem, contact a tree service company like Rice's Inc Termite & Pest Control and talk with them about some of these treatments for your trees.

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